VEKA windows – keeping it green

uPVC windows have long been established as the go-to choice for the majority of window installations. Among the many reasons for this is their sustainability credentials – modern uPVC windows offer plenty of benefits for the environment as well as the homeowner.

Of course, properly fitted windows help trap heat in the house, reducing reliance on the heating system. As well as reducing home energy costs, this reduces carbon emissions. This can be further enhanced by fitting features such as a warm edge spacer bar to the window, insulating the edge of the window further increasing its ability to keep heat in.

A household, with correctly installed uPVC windows, has the opportunity to help keep their energy bills under closer control in the current climate of rising costs.

Additionally, uPVC windows are also recyclable. According the Budilding Research Establishment (BRE), PVC-U can by recyclable over 10 times before there is an impact on material performance – giving the material a massive potential lifespan.

RDG partner VEKA is an industry leader in recycling end-of-life windows, turning them into quality new windows using its unique recycling process.

Winners of the ‘Best Sustainability Initiative Award’ at this year’s G21 Awards, VEKA has committed to reusing uPVC waste, whether that is in new windows or other applications, with 95% of waste material it recovers being recycled.

At Rugby Double Glazing, we supply a wide range of VEKA windows for your home. These sustainable, award-winning windows come in a broad range of styles and backed by a 10-year guarantee.

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