Energy efficient windows – It’s getting hot in here….

Keeping heat inside is one of the biggest challenges for homeowners, and as we look ahead to the colder months, people will ask, ‘how do I keep the heat in?’.

18% of a typical home’s heat is lost through its windows, so when it comes to choosing double glazing customers should be considering the type of windows they fit. At Rugby Double Glazing we use the latest in glazing technology which combines a (low-e) coating on the surface of the glass to reflect the heat back into the room, argon gas is also inserted between the panes, and finally a warm-edged spacer is fitted to reduce the heat transfer between the panes.

We partner with VEKA, who is an industry leader in sustainable uPVC windows. The team ensure all windows are fitted to the highest possible standard, offering advice and guidance that best suit the customer.

These sustainable, award-winning windows come in a broad range of styles and are backed by a 10-year guarantee.

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